Economic Stability & Growth


The 18th District is already home to many successful businesses.  I believe that mobility will pave the way to success for businesses, researchers, and entrepreneurs.  I will be a champion for providing resources to our current businesses and opening start ups by:

  • Providing incentives for businesses that hire Veterans and constituents

  • Mandating Paid Maternity Leave

  • Invest in Skilled Trades Training

         Criminal Justice Reform

The United States has more people incarcerated than any other country. We know that Mass Incarceration is a public health crisis and disproportionately impacts poor people and people of color; and it does not make us safer. I have loved ones who have fallen victim to the criminal justice system.  I am committed to: 

  • Changing mandatory minimums

  • Restoring earned time credit and good time credit for probationers, prisoners, and parolees

  • Directing funding to the vocational village inside of our state corrections, and provide non-discriminatory resources to returning citizens



As a young Black woman, housing stability is an issue that impacts myself, working families, seniors, and making sure we maintain safe and clean neighborhoods. I will work hard to provide easier pathways to homeownership, home repairs, and tax credits. 


Food, water, and shelter are basic human rights that everyone should have access to.  Fair and equitable housing is fundamental to both physical and mental health.  We must increase the income eligibility cap for affordable housing to ensure that every family has access to nice and safe places to live. 


All of our children in this district deserve quality education.  I want to be at the forefront in making sure we are investing in early childhood programs, K-12, higher education, and extracurricular activities.


I’ve seen how a great public education system becomes the foundation of a successful community, and I want to make sure all Michiganders have the same positive experiences I have had. We also need to provide access to a variety of higher education options and not just expect that everyone will take the college route. Trade schools, apprenticeships, and other specialized training programs are just as important as colleges and universities in preparing our youth for a bright future, and ensuring Michigan can compete talent-wise today and tomorrow.

     Mental & Behavioral Health

In 1994, former Governor John Engler closed 16 state mental hospital facilities, forcing those into the care of community facilities. 

  • I am committed to investing in our vulnerable population and ensuring that we have the highest trained professionals to provide care for these individuals. This will also bring more jobs to our citizens in the state.