A Commitment to Excellence

Caprice Jackson has long ties within government and on day one knows how to navigate the system with strong connections in the community and public policy sector.  Caprice stands out as someone who has always shown up and delivered for our communities.  Caprice is skilled in Editing and Drafting Legislation. She has written and helped pass some of Michigan’s most pressing laws, including HB 4132 in 2019 which was a part of the medically frail bill package.  Although Caprice has gained experience in both our state and nation’s government, she has always been a community change agent- rooted in community service.  Working on both the state and federal level has allowed her to make relationships with constituents by handling concerns within different agencies.

Most recently, Caprice has served as a Congressional Staffer with experience in overseeing the SBA, Veteran Affairs, Housing, Agriculture, and Department of Justice cases for residents of Michigan’s former 14th Congressional District under the leadership of Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence.  She has also worked as a Legislative Aide and Community Coordinator for State Representative Kyra Harris-Bolden and a policy analyst for Detroit City Council District 7.

Caprice has a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Social Relations and Policy from Michigan State University’s James Madison College.

This election, Caprice’s deep connections within democratic politics will be vital to campaigning and to fundraising. These aspects will be leaned on in her messaging to show that she will deliver results on behalf of voters and needs no training to navigate the inner workings of state government. She can localize on the issues of our time and talk about what voters are truly concerned about. Her legislative prowess, campaign knowledge and strong ties to the community not only show her capability to win but her eagerness to fight out any potential challengers.